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   Net Guide : Homeschool Resources

Robinson Curriculum - This is the complete self-teaching K-12 curriculum parents have been waiting for. On 22 CDs and truly value priced, its easy to see why this curriculum has taken the homeschool market by storm.

Books4HomeSchool - a free resource listing K-12 grade books in all major subject areas.

Homeschool Zone - home of the Zone Newsletter, this site has stuff for moms, dad, kids, penpals, education links, and more.

Wordsmiths - home of Jensen's Grammar.

Dennison On-line Internet School - a middle school/high school for English literate students worldwide.

School Is Dead; Learn in Freedom! - All about learning in freedom & taking responsibility for your own learning.

Recommended Books:
The Basic Steps to Successful Homeschooling
Beyond Survival : A Guide to Abundant-Life Homeschooling
Anyone Can Homeschool : How to Find What Works for You
A Field Guide to Home Schooling
Homeschool Guide to the Internet
The Homeschool Journey
Homeschooling : A Parents Guide to Teaching Children
The Future of Home Schooling : A New Direction for Christian Home Education
The Homeschooling Book of Answers : The 88 Most Important Questions Answered by Homeschooling's Most Respected Voices

Home Education Curriculum; Grade 1
Home Education Curriculum; Grade 2
Home Education Curriculum; Grade 3
Home Education Curriculum; Grade 4
Home Education Curriculum; Grade 5
Home Education Curriculum; Grade 6

Recommended Videos:
Homeschooling 101part I : Getting Started
Homeschooling 101 Part II : Nuts & Bolts

Online Education - from certificate to doctoral programs. Information on various online & distance education opportunities.

eStudentLoan.com - Try this excellent site which provides Instant Student Loan Comparisons - Free! It is user friendly and features great advice and tips. Plus you can APPLY ONLINE with major lenders.

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